Animal Ventura is the solo project of singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist Fernando Aragones. Growing up playing punk rock and reggae in noisy garage bands in Southern Brazil, Aragones ventured to Australia where the eclectic sounds of the Sydney music scene beckoned.

A soulful blend of roots, soul and electro-jazz with a twist of alternative folk, Animal Ventura fuses the organic sounds of acoustic guitars with edgy electronic percussive beats and an undeniable innate tropical feel.

With the release of his critically acclaimed debut record “Forrest Street’ late 2017, Animal Ventura gathered a healthy amount of media attention, seeing the elegantly effervescent single ‘Animal’ spinning on the airwaves across Australia getting air time on Triple J, ABC Radio National and multiple community radio stations. 


The release followed by a massive National tour supporting Australian surf music favorites The Beautiful Girls. With his solo and electrifying ‘one man band’ performance, charming the stage to sold out crowds across the country.

What sets Animal Ventura apart is a unique ability to fuse effortlessly his innate funk rhythms from his native South America with the coastal indie folk of Australian shores. Combined with the new wave of live looping and his thirst for solid neat beats. To top it off his soothing and timeless vocals hold strength and passion in their delivery.