Snow Tour 2019

Snow Tour 2019

One more run of shows in the Snowy Mountains this year. Eleven gigs in 9 days, lots of snowboarding in between and cozy nights in the hotel room with the central heating cranking.

Thanks once again to Perisher Blue for having me and I hope to see you soon x

Animal Ventura aka Fernando A.

'Animal' live at Balcony Tv


ANIMAL VENTURA performs the song "ANIMAL" for BalconyTV.

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It’s hard to believe that ‘Forrest St.’ is Fernando Aragones’ debut album under the Animal Ventura moniker. Since exploding onto the international scene in 2009, the Brazilian transplant has toured with Aussie heavyweights like The Presets, Art vs Science, The Beautiful Girls and Uncle Jed, and has also played at festivals including the Christchurch Arts Festival, Queenstown Adventure Film Festival and the Australian Open of Surfing. Fernando launched Animal Ventura in 2015 to fulfil a desire to move dynamically from solo performance with an acoustic guitar and live looping to duos, trios, and the magnetic power of a full live band and back again. He fuses South American funk with the folk sounds of coastal Australia to create music you can’t help but move to. It’s dynamic, electric and soulful, landing somewhere between Sublime and Stevie Wonder. “I love how music can transport you to different times and places,” he says, “and how it can break boundaries between language, culture and race. It moves you, even if you’re standing still. That’s cool.”

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"If your soul is thirsty for some easy listening that’s all things warm, peaceful, and uplifting, then do we have the song for you. Animal Ventura has dazzled and seduced us with his latest track ‘Animal’ from his debut album Forrest St. Also known as Fernando AragonesAnimal Ventura is a creative project that stems from the desire to fluidly weave a background of acoustic solo performance, into a group or live band context. The Brazilian born artist effortlessly combines elements of jazz, folk, and South American funk and has toured with the likes of Australian powerhouses The PresetsArt Vs. Science, and Uncle Jed.


Bondi Beach Radio   

Bondi Beach Radio


A little early in the morning for musicians but what a pleasure chatting with Ana and Boston at Bondi Beach Radio.

We talked about the new record, musical memories and favourite gigs between laughs and stripped back live music. 

Tune in.

Triple J - Spinning 'Slave Of Love (Do It Twice)'

It was a nice surprise waking up to the news that Triple J played our song 'Slave Of Love (Do It Twice)' on the night before, just after a couple of days we uploaded the song.

Head to Triple J Unearthed and write a review so it can get played again.

Big ups to Nkechi Anele for picking the track out of the bunch and giving it a spin.

Stream Slave of Love (Do It Twice) HERE     

Making Of Forrest St.

Making Forrest St. was more than a recording session, it was a full travel/work/life experience.

Travelling to a new country and getting immersed in the local music scene straight from the get go, it's something you would dream of being a musician.

I was lucky enough to have Pat Van Dyke producing the album. Not only he was based in New Jersey, which was a good excuse to visit NYC, but also knew all the budding and super talented cats around the Big Apple.

We met 2 hours before our very first gig and spent 5 days recording the album in his studio in the industrial area of Jersey City. 

Stream Forrest St.  HERE

'Forrest St.' album release

Produced by  Pat Van Dyke   // Artwork by  Paula Plim

Produced by Pat Van Dyke  // Artwork by Paula Plim

My first album.  

I've recorded a bunch of albums before either playing drums, single songs or sharing the songwriting. So I'm calling Forrest St. my first "proper" body of work. Concise and relevant, to me anyway.

I think it represents the spectrum of influences that shaped my musical path and taste over the last 2 decades or so.  I  tried to keep as diverse as I could but at the same time coherent with the sounds and production style. I also tried to keep as faithful to that space and time as I could, so this record is a like photograph of those songs and experiences. 

I really hope this record resonates with you as much as it was fun making it. 

You can now stream the album here

Full story here.


AV @Channel[V] #firstgig

Our very first gig as Animals. 

Summer of 2014 we got invited to play at the Australian Open of Surfing Channel V stage, and we decided to wear animal masks, which is fun right? Except is not just your first official gig but also going live on National television and internet all over the world. We play 4 songs that day and was quite surreal playing so close to the ocean.