A soulful blend of roots, soul and electro-jazz with a twist of alternative folk, Animal Ventura fuses the organic sounds  of acoustic guitars with  edgy electronic percussive beats and an undeniable innate tropical feel.

With his passion for music across the board, and production know-how, Aragones has somehow steadily brought together the musical genius of Stevie Wonder, Buena Visa Social Club and Fat Freddy’s Drop to a solid beat that keeps you moving and chills you out at the same time. To top it off his soothing and timeless vocals hold strength and passion in their delivery.


Forrest St. is my first ‘proper’ body of work mixing the spectrum of influences that shaped my musical excursion over the last two decades. I  tried to keep this new album as diverse as I could and at the same time articulate a lucid sound and production style. I really wanted to keep it as faithful to the space and time that has created, I feel like this record is a like photograph of those songs and experiences I have been moulded from.
— Fernando Aragones

Growing up playing punk rock and reggae in noisy garage bands in Southern Brazil, Aragones ventured to Australia where the eclectic sounds of the Sydney music scene beckoned.

Developing his own sound mixed from the various bands and groups he has contributed to, Aragones developed multiple specialties across his singer/songwriter passion, as a multi-instrumentalist, scoring for television, radio performances and festival gigs around the globe.